Forensic scientists and what is their job?

forensic studentsForensic scientists are people who using different scientific methods and modern laboratory techniques study compare and interpret found traces, and put them in direct connection with certain offenses. Forensic experts are highly specialized persons engaged in the investigation of crimes and accidents. Thus, with application of expertise in various fields, including chemistry, biology, physics and medicine they find physical evidence at the crime scene and try to understand what has actually happened and who the perpetrator is. We can conclude that forensic are also scientists because they, like all the other scientists rely on scientific methods. Criminal justice students are quite familiar with the practice that a forensic scientist firstly take notes, observes and then collects the data. After collecting all the data he processes them in his laboratory, and on that basis he presents his theory of the event he investigates.

The success of forensic investigation depends on the forensic scientist, technical equipment and preparatory activities. Except the  degree in criminal justice a forensic scientist is required to have personal and professional experience and certain characteristics as curiosity and tendency to experimenting. He must constantly monitor developments in science and practically apply them into his work. Continue reading

Criminal Justice Studies for future government and public officials

criminal justice studiesCriminal Justice Studies are for the ones who want to acquire new skills and be capable to work in national and social sectors. The required and elective courses in online criminal justice degree programs combine in-depth insights into the Criminal Law, Criminal Procedural Law, Criminology, Criminal Policy, Organized Crime Combating, Protection of human rights in criminal proceedings, International Criminal Law, Economic crimes from the perspective of comparative law, etc. The study programs are adapted to the current needs of practice with regard to the process of criminal legislation.

Participants in online  criminal justice classes through consultations with their mentors do seminary works on their compulsory courses as well as final work at the end of the studies, gaining criminal justice degree online.

The future government and public officials are facing many challenges. On the one hand, they introduce the rule of law and within its scope they are solving problems of the individual in relationship with the repressive state system. They do that with frequent and more comprehensive reforms of criminal law. On the other hand, international criminal courts have Continue reading

What it takes to become a detective?

how to become a detectiveAfter the completion of some of the criminal justice colleges according to the main area of studying the undergraduate or graduate student can become a private or agency detective. Individuals and agencies gain right to carry out detective work by obtaining a license issued by the Commission for licensing private security activities. In order to get a work permit, the future detective has to meet certain requirements, similar to the conditions that must be met by the employees in the security sector. Continue reading