Factors of Criminal Behavior

Criminal BehaviorThe complexity of criminal behavior is reflected in the existence of a large number of biological, psychological and sociological theories that try to explain this phenomenon. These theories are thoroughly studied on most criminal justice colleges. Until now science has not formulated a unique and comprehensive model that would perceive the essence of criminal phenomena. Criminogenic determinants are divided into three groups:

The first group relates to the wider community; The second is characterized with specifications of narrow social environments; And the third reflects the individual aspect of the perpetrator.


Criminal characteristics of the broader social community

Current social reality, often as the supreme ideal of success, emphasizes profits, income, status, power, and not work and honesty. Many activities from the edge of the law are tolerated if they are done from privileged people, while individuals of marginal significance are subjected to legal sanctions.  Lifestyle of the streets and coffee bars, aided with the violence from mass media, and also the ideology of easy, nice and immoral life, contribute to formation of criminal motivation. Continue reading