Criminal Justice Classes

Criminal Justice Degree in Paralegal

criminal justice paralegal classesThe aim of the degree program is to enable participants to work on administrative positions in almost all departments except to the financial and accounting government affairs. Students  enrolled in paralegal program will acquire the knowledge required to work in administrative positions within  state administration bodies, judiciary bodies of local self-government and other entities that under the laws acquired public authority. Can also work in private and other companies involved in the insurance business, as well as health and pension insurance etc… The successful performance at these positions  requires  from  Paralegal students  accuracy, promptness, initiative, resourcefulness, great responsibility, constant and continuous professional development. It’s beneficial to know foreign languages, as well as a higher level of knowledge  computer usage and modern communication means.

Criminal Justice Degree  in Forensic Psychiatry

Forensic Psychiatry classes The online criminal justice degree program prepares students for understanding and recognition of mental disorders and mental abusers of regulations and laws, as well as acquisition of knowledge and training through practical exercises for identification, detection and confronting psycho-pathological phenomena at abnormal mental delinquents. Forensic Psychiatry courses are offering appropriate theoretical and practical knowledge and training to students needed to enable them to participate as expert in the rehabilitation process of mentally abnormal offenders (penal system, special institutes, centers for social welfare, probation).

Probation Officer Degree Program

This Criminal Justice  course gives knowledge about the acceptance of former prisoners into the community. Participants in the Probation Officer Degree Program will acquire specific knowledge to create programs of ex-convicts acceptance for certain parts of the prison population, and connecting the various institutions (social, health, justice, etc.) in creating effective treatment programs aimed at reducing the likelihood of recidivism by helping former prisoners to better fit into the environment and adopt new lifestyles.

Correctional Counseling Degree Program

After completion of this justice degree program student will be fully competent to: define counseling as a professional job, interpret theories and procedures for consultation, identify differences in individual and group counseling, and apply the principles. Students will develop specific skills and techniques in the consultation process. As well as will develop awareness of the need to comply with ethical principles in the counseling process.

Forensics Pathology Degree Program

Forensics Pathology clasessThe aim of the course is to offer fundamental knowledge in Forensics pathology specifically in the area of violent injury and violent death, criminology, identification, evaluation and interpretation of facts for purposes of the judicial proceedings. The educational degree program will and familiarize students with the autopsy techniques and other methods used in modern forensic medicine. Upon graduation the criminal justice online course, students will be able to use the knowledge gained in self-recognition of natural and violent damage to health, character and manner of death, will be able to understand the procedures for identifying a living and  dead person and how to participate in judicial actions and processes, as well as other events where the court is requires participation of Medics.