Criminology and Criminal Justice degree classes

Criminal justice programs

student at criminology classesThe main goal of Criminology and Criminal Justice degree is to get students acquainted with the theoretical and methodological contents concerning the implementation of criminal procedures, especially during the preparation of criminal proceedings, surveys and investigations. Students enrolled in criminology online classes will gain insight into criminal procedures, the purposeful organization and planned implementation of measures and actions of police bodies and criminal proceedings, as well as ways of implementing these measures as a prerequisite for effective planning of crime reduction. Emphasis of this criminal justice major is placed on: informal investigative actions, urgent investigative actions and special surveys.

The Informal measures and actions of police authorities are presented at a general level of information in order to facilitate understanding of the content of procedural actions with presentation of their cognitive and information values for further action by  law authorities. The curriculum of the online criminal justice course offers structural, teleological and realistic perspective to students, while treating criminal procedures as a combination of theoretical postulates in the Criminal Justice fields.

A further goal of this online degree program is acquisition of competence for implementation of criminal procedures in accordance with the methodological points of incrimination. As well as understanding the specificity of the discovery process and the use information from a variety of sources and their transformation into evidence in the procedural sense, and according to specific investigative situations determines methodology. The investigation of criminal offenses is presented as a generis system in terms of explaining the investigation of criminal offenses (the aim and object of research, criminal situations, criminal ways of tactical, operational and investigative situations, crime, crime of criminal elements works  etc…).

In certain procedural actions, such as investigation, reconstruction and examination, in methodological terms, the emphasis of the online classes is placed on finding clues while the of type questioning aspect is introduced with psychological insights, especially the various methods and techniques of conducting interviews.

The ultimate goal is that students master the study of criminal process as it is necessary for successful implementation of criminal justice actions based on that knowledge alone and make decisions about their application in practice.

The Criminology and Criminal Justice degree is intended primarily for lawyers as it emphasizes its contribution to the process of legal education that should be reflected in the development of complex skills and knowledge for lawyers in the field of criminal law as a synthesis of knowledge from different fields of science.