Doctorate Degrees

Doctoral studies at most criminal justice colleges last three years, and involve and working on a doctoral dissertation.

doctoral degreesThe main aim of  Doctoral Program in Criminal Justice  is to make sure that the Student acquires a deep and specialized knowledge in the narrow field in which the candidate is preparing a doctoral thesis, and to acquire the necessary knowledge of using scientific methods and research techniques in the narrow field of research, as well as to enable students to creatively solve complex problems in practice, or to be trained for further scientific / research and development in the criminal justice academic field.

PhD study  programs  are conducted through a smaller volume  of  lectures and  higher volume of independent learning. Lectures are having an  instructive character and routing to the appropriate mandatory and additional literature that the student will study.

doctoral degrees online classesDoctoral student in the final year is working under the direct guidance of an mentor accordingly to the individual programs that are  prepared by the mentor. The individual program of studies is based on specific research topics that the student is engaged in and adapted by the student personal needs thorough knowledge in the narrower parts of the methodology and findings of contemporary criminal justice topics relevant to process. The work on the research topic is under a direct guidance of a mentor and it  is related to the preparation of an research that is the subject of doctoral dissertations and it’s verified with the acceptance of the draft doctorate. The PhD student  has a commitment to actively participate in scientific research during the study, that are not directly connected with the theme of the doctoral dissertation.