How Criminal Justice education can influence legislation

Criminal justice EducationAt most developed countries, particularly in the U.S. the existence of online criminal justice degree programs has led to better and more efficient operation of criminal law. Criminal justice science therefore, has to constantly develop as a new interdisciplinary field consisted of all common areas and branches according to the needs of criminal law. The development of criminal justice through the scientific and practical professional work of teachers and students attending criminal justice classes will undoubtedly influence the development of legislation and the legal thought. Therefore, the aim of the criminal justice online degree program is achieving higher levels of knowledge and skills in the criminal justice fields through college degree programs in law, criminology, forensic science, Paralegal, Forensic Psychiatry, Correctional Counseling etc…

The general and specific knowledge acquired by attending criminal justice classes online among other things are related to the introduction of the framework for combating organized crime and terrorism possibilities and its optimal use in practice by the law enforcement bodies as well as other departments in the criminal justice system.

The Standards of the national legislation for combating organized crime and terrorism are analyzed from the comparative law perspective and relevant international law sources. Along with organized crime students will get familiar with the causes, manifestations forms, and criminal justice aspects of corruption and money laundering, as a form of criminal actions that are often associated with organized crime. In regards to the knowledge that students will gain at the criminal justice classes related to national security, the curriculum besides theoretical knowledge involves styling anti-terrorist methods and procedures in practice. The online course enables students to be able to analyze the actions of domestic and foreign criminal justice authorities in terms of efficiency, economy and protection of human rights. This last aspect, meaning the protection of human rights is particularly sensitive when it comes to national security so that special attention is paid to the performance of the practicum in order to establish the optimum balance between the requirements for effective criminal persecution on the one hand and the imperative to protect human rights on the other side.

The threat that organized crime poses to society whole reason for the mobilization of the entire criminal justice system for prevention and suppression of crime. Therefore, gaining knowledge about the various aspects of combating organized crime is an important element of contemporary criminal suppression strategies in general, necessary not only to specialists who deal daily combating this type of crime, but to all criminal justice graduate students. In this sense, the online course represents a significant contribution to the criminal justice education.