Masters Degrees

criminal justice masters degreesThe objective of the master’s degree program in Criminal Justice is to educate graduate students,  as they have already acquired the basic theoretical knowledge of law and fundamental methodological skills in law, to understand the analytical methods and acquire comparable knowledge and skills in Criminal science. For this purpose, the degree program prepares students for recognition of the methodical problems that are arising within the legal system, in between different legal systems and outside  legal systems as well as offer knowledge in  multiple relationships and justifications as a background that links legal dogmatics, philosophy, law and social science.

Criminal Justice master’s degree program offer acquisition of systematic knowledge on the types of criminal justice disciplines, i.e. the relationship of legal dogma, sociology, law and philosophy of law as well as in more depth understanding on the acquired skills and  the knowledge obtained through the  undergraduate studies in criminal justice.

criminal justice postgraduate classesFrom students it is expected, firstly to assess the scientific work and, second to prepare a individual scientific research work which executes all tasks of the specialized criminal study. After graduation students will be able to recognize the theoretical and practical problems in criminal Justice, define the subject and select research methods, as well as to gain, intense knowledge, skills and abilities to analyzes and rebuilds complex concepts of legal science.