The Concept of Criminalistic Techniques

forensic classes

Criminal justice programs allows students through the application of criminalistic techniques, tactics and methods to learn the science of Criminalistics. Criminalistic techniques, studied on  criminal justice classes are in field of criminalistics that deals with the scientific – technical aspects of finding, processing and interpretation of evidence material as well as by the registration and identification of persons and goods in order to prevent crime, clarify the events, detection of crimes and perpetrators as well as securing evidence.

Students studying forensic techniques as a part of their criminal justice classes will learn the development and appliance of the most suitable methods in the field criminal justice aimed at finding, securing, fixing and interpreting crime and clues relevant to criminal procedures and objects of criminal offense, by clarifying circumstances relevant to disclosing the criminal act, registration and identification of the offender as well as other persons and things. It also develops and implements technical methods and means of preventing crimes.

To more intensive development of forensic science came only when the criminal proceedings entered into a phase of a free-judge belief, and when in it began to penetrate the principle of material truth. The development of forensic science was in accordance with society and crime. It can not be assessed by any means of force and magic, but the application of scientifically verified methods and means. The emergence of new forms of criminal acts indicated the need for their disclosure. It required the enactment of laws, so even since 1750 B.C. was enacted the Hammurabi law. All laws are intended to combat crime, which consists of prevention, suppression and repression. Thus criminal justice is dealing with the prevention, detection, and repressive activity. To detect the perpetrators of criminal acts is necessary to have material evidence as well as to confirm the statement of the accused person. From the definition of forensic science it can be concluded that it requires discovering, testing and expert witnessing of evidence and clues. All of these elements can be obtain by combining various forensic  techniques.