What it takes to become a detective?

how to become a detectiveAfter the completion of some of the criminal justice colleges according to the main area of studying the undergraduate or graduate student can become a private or agency detective. Individuals and agencies gain right to carry out detective work by obtaining a license issued by the Commission for licensing private security activities. In order to get a work permit, the future detective has to meet certain requirements, similar to the conditions that must be met by the employees in the security sector.

Private Security includes protection, self-protection and detective work, officially defined as: analysis, detection and prevention of potential hazards and illegal actions that violate the dignity and endanger life and physical integrity of the person, or reduce the value of property which is the subject of security. Security services are not included in the police or other security activities of the state. In this regard, the detective work involves tasks of collecting and providing information in the field of private security.

Categories of detective activities include: searching for lost persons, activities of private investigators, detectives activities in retail stores and activities of insurance agents. Under the conditions defined by the law in detective activities can be engaged detectives as entrepreneurs, individually or in a detective agency. Entities (individuals and agencies) involved in the detective business, must not violate or deny human rights and freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution and generally recognized rules of international law, ratified international treaties and laws, or affect the operation of the courts, public prosecutors, police and other government bodies, companies, institutions and other organizations.

These entities are required to act cautiously with juveniles, taking into account the mental development, sensitivity, and other personal characteristics and protections of privacy of minors, to take care for the process not to have an adverse effect on the development of minors. They are not allowed to exercise police powers, investigative and other public authorities, or to purchase or use uniforms, insignia and identification cards similar to those used by police, investigative and other government authorities.

Accordingly, the detective must not perform activities for which are designated and authorized police, investigative and other public authorities, or to carry out detective work for domestic and foreign security services. It is believed that these regulations made a clear distinction to detective activities in relation to police and other defense, security and counter-intelligence, which detective services must not provide. Detective must not perform detective work for any political party.

Finally, in carrying out his activities, the detective can keep and bear firearms only in accordance with the law on weapons.